New York City is the center of the universe in almost everything – sports, finance, media, fashion, culture – except gaming. NYXL is here to change that. We’re New York’s newest global entertainment brand that creates experiences at the intersection of esports, gaming culture, and style for the next generation of gamers.

Since its inception, NYXL has been New York’s flagship esports organization, owning franchises and exclusively representing New York in three premier global esports leagues with the NY Subliners (Call of Duty League), and NY Excelsior (Overwatch league).

Now, with world class creative leadership that has created global #1 books, films, TV series, and video games, and massive merchandise experience driven by our collabs with everyone from Nike to Undefeated, NYXL has become the ultimate home for elite creators who want their bold voices heard.

So whether you’re a content creator looking to tell a new story, or a brand looking to hit your consumers in innovative new ways, come join us in an XL future.