Doritos Triangle Studios FAQ

If you have any question, feel free to join our Discord to ask one of our Doritos Triangle Studios experts.

How do I get to the Doritos Triangle Studios?

Decentraland can be accessed via desktop web browser or desktop client for windows (download here). Browser is recommended. Mobile is not supported at this time. 

Venue link:

Whats in the venue?

  • Watch the new Doritos commercial
  • Exclusive collection of free digital wearables and emotes including Doritos Soarin’ Sizzlesuit that lets you fly! Visit the wearables and emote gallery upon entering to learn how to collect them all
  • 2 interactive games and prizes
    • Beat Blaster on 1st floor, save your own Doritos-inspired beat and register
      • CloneX and Meebits giveaways: register after saving your beat. CloneX open 2/8-2/9 and Meebits open 2/10
    • Triangle Tower on 2nd floor, jump across the Doritos chips to reach the Musical Triangle and
      • 2 Custom Doritos PC giveaways: register after submitting your score to the leaderboard
  • Take a selfie at one of our photobooth station and tweet it using #DoritosTriangleStudios and #entry for a chance to win Skull Candy x Doritos headsets and ear buds 
  • Chippy the Triadoodle and Ting the Musical Triangle, your guides throughout the space. 

Do I need a decentralized or web3 wallet to experience the event?

A wallet is not required to enter the venue and watch the content in the space, simply sign in as a guest. For the full experience, including 2 interactive games, exclusive digital wearables, emotes,and giveaways (Clone X, Meebits, and 2 custom PCs), you must set up and/or connect your wallet.

How to create a decentralized wallet?

Coinbase wallet instructions: ​​

Metamask wallet instructions:

Do I need crypto to earn wearables or be entered to win the giveaways?

No, there is no purchase necessary to experience the event, collect wearables, emotes, or be entered to win the giveaways.

Do I need to connect my wallet to my bank account and is there any fee to attend the Doritos Triangle Studios event?

There’s no need to connect your wallet to your bank account and there’s no fee for attending the metaverse event or collecting rewards. 

How do I win a custom PC?

Anyone who plays the Triangle Tower game on the 2nd floor, submits their score, and fills out the information at the link provided will be eligible to win 1 of 2 custom PCs. There will be one winner per day, and winners will be notified via email provided on the premint page (prompted after playing the game). [link full terms and conditions]

How do I get the digital wearables and emotes?

There are 8 free wearables and 3 emotes you can unlock throughout the venue. Check out the gallery on the 1st floor to learn more about how to collect them all. These items are exclusive to the Doritos Triangle Studios and limited, so make sure to claim yours early. 

To claim the wearables and emotes, you must connect your decentralized wallet. For how to instructions, see above.

How do I win the CloneX and Meebits?

From Feb 8 to Feb 9, go to the Beat Making game on the first floor. Create and save a beat while logged in with a connected wallet. Once saved, you will be  prompted to register at a link to enter yourself for a chance to win. Full terms and conditions will apply.

Meebits will be available on Feb 10 to enter.

What are the hours of the Doritos Triangle Studios Event?

The metaverse venue is open from Wednesday, Feb 8 at 9:00am ET to Friday, Feb 10 at 11:59pm ET.

Build by Polygonal Mind.

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