What is YXL?:

YXL is NYXL’s Young Creator Project. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring creators to be a part of something special. All types of creators (gamers, streamers, video editors, graphic designers, meme lords, lifestyle specialists, etc.) will all have the chance to join the NYXL family and be a part of New York’s ultimate gaming and entertainment organization.  Many will enter but only 10 winners will come out on top with a $50,000 prize each, and an opportunity to join NYXL.

How do I apply?

You can apply to the YXL Program by completing the form on yxl.nyc, following NYXL on all social platforms, and by submitting a creative video to TikTok or YouTube Shorts tagging @NYXL and using the hashtag #YXLProject

Will YXL only accept video submissions on TikTok or YouTube Shorts?

You must post your official video submission on TikTok or YouTube Shorts, but you are also encouraged to share your entry on any social media platform, tagging @NYXL and using the hashtag #YXLProject. If your application does not also live on TikTok and/or YouTube Shorts, it will not be considered.

Who can apply?

Anyone 16 years of age* and older residing in the United States.

How long will the YXL Application run for?

The YXL Application starts Monday, May 2nd, and the application deadline for submissions is on 7/31 but we will begin selecting finalists on a Rolling Admissions beginning on 6/1. 

What are you looking for in the application video?

We want you to get our attention. We want to see your creativity, your unique voice, your innovative approach to digital content. While you don’t have to be from New York City to apply or win, we are a NYC based org, so we do want to see that New York energy/attitude/swagger in the spirit of your submission video. The more creative, unique and innovative, the better.

If I’m not a gamer can I still apply?

Absolutely! You do not need to be a gamer or streamer, or even an on-camera creator. While our roots are in esports and gaming, we’re looking for ALL types of creative voices for this program. 

Do I have to live in New York City to apply, and to participate in Creator Camp (if I’m selected)? 

No, you don’t! You can apply from anywhere in the United States, and if you’re selected to be in the top 50, NYXL will fly you to NYC and cover your accommodations to participate in Creator Camp.

How many winners will there be?

There will be a total of 10 winners.

Is this a paid opportunity?

The application is not a paid opportunity. However, the 10 winners will be given an opportunity to join NYXL and receive a $50,000 prize. 

What happens after the application is closed?

The application will close on 7/31, but beginning June 1st, NYXL will begin selecting the top creators on a rolling basis to join a unique Creator Camp taking place in NYC the weekend of August 6th. At the YXL Creator Camp, there will be a set of epic creative assignments for all participants, and an elite advisory panel of judges who will work with NYXL to select the top 20 creators that will move on to the final round. Over the coming weeks after the Creator Camp, the 20 finalists will work on one creative assignment, which will determine the 10 winners.

What will the 10 YXL Winners be working on during the Program?

The core of the program will be focused on content creation for all social platforms, but there’s plenty of flexibility based on your skillset. All winners will also receive guidance from NYXL employees (as well as other industry experts) in content creation, marketing, navigating brands, expanding audience, creating merchandise, and other skills that will help prepare them to pursue their creator dreams as a full-time career.

Can I participate in the YXL Program while being employed by another company or attending school?

There is no prohibition for holding another job with a non-competitive company, or attending school while participating in the YXL program. As long as you can balance the workload, then absolutely. 

How will I be notified if I’m selected for the top 50?

NYXL will email and/or DM you to alert the top creators that they have been selected to move on to Creator Camp. Applicants who are not selected may not necessarily be alerted.